Nevedac Prosthetic Centre manufactures low cost artificial limbs and orthotic appliances near Chandigarh Airport, India, and has rehabilitated over 65,000 disabled persons 

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Nevedac Prosthetic Centre was established by Padmashri Col DS Vohra in 1972. A pioneer in the field of Artificial Limbs in Asia, he had earlier founded the Artificial Limb Centre in Pune (the first such in Asia) after the Second World War. It was inaugurated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India.

Nevedac Prosthetic Centre as well as its founder Col DS Vohra received many accolades for their dedicated and outstanding work in the cause of rehabilitation of the disabled. National and international awards including the Padmashri for Col Vohra and the Best Institution award for the Centre were given over the years by the President of India. Over 65,000 persons have been rehabilitated by Nevedac Prosthetic Centre.

The entire Nevedac premises is on prime location near the Chandigarh Airport and is right on the national highway. Chandigarh is a 50 minute flight, 3 hour train ride or a 5 hour drive from Delhi, capital of India.



The front view of Nevedac Prosthetic Centre shows some disabled workers and patients.

Nevedac's Credentials and Strengths

    Padmashri Col DS Vohra was a pioneer in Asia in the field of Artificial Limbs. The Nevedac Centre rose to great heights under his stewardship and was a model of how a charitable institution should be run. His vision and practical wisdom ensured that Nevedac Prosthetic Centre is an embodiment of 'total rehabilitation'. Over 30% of the workers are themselves disabled, and had earlier come as patients - so you have a person with artificial legs making artificial legs for others. The new patients who come to Nevedac premises are inspired into self belief, given a family feeling not just by the workers being one of them but also by the general humane approach and excellent infrastructure that includes free accommodation.

Some of the awards received from the President of India received by Nevedac Prosthetic Cenre include:

  •       Padmashri, one of the highest civilian awards, to Col DS Vohra
  •       Best Institution award.
  •       Best Employer of Disabled
  •       Best Disabled Employee award to one of the employees

Nevedac Prosthetic Centre has excellent infrastructure including boarding and lodging facilities as also an ambience conducive to recreational therapy.

The motto of the institution aptly is: 


To add meaning to above, we have our own disabled workers going about their routine jobs that itself inspires new patients into believing they will be able to live again. For instance, we have a worker with artificial legs making artificial legs for others. Some of our disabled workers have disabled wives and both husband and wife work and live in the Centre.

Our products are known for their low cost and durability, some limbs lasting 15 to 20 years. Complete customisation is our hallmark followed by training to use the limbs in a friendly, rehab conducive family atmosphere while staying on the premises.

In many deserving cases, limbs are given free of cost to the needy. The Nevedac Prosthetic Centre is recognised by the Central Government of India, Governments of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. Government employees are able to get full reimbursement.. For those desirous of imported limbs, we provide the same backed by the services of a very reputed, respected and qualified senior prosthetist trained in an English company.